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Pranav Arora

Pranav Arora (Born August 2, 1995) is an investor, speaker, philanthropist, and venture capitalist. He is the founder and CEO of Stunned Mind. Among the many ventures and sectors he is involved in are consumer products, wealth management, and real estate. 

Early Life[edit]

At the age of 16, Pranav launched his first million-dollar company. Besides serving as the division’s head, he is in charge of Just Funky’s B2B and B2C sales and marketing. Pranav started his first “enterprise” in middle school by purchasing packets of gum and pencils and selling them to his friends in between lessons. His first actual experience as an entrepreneur came from that. He launched his first real business at the age of sixteen. It had the name “Highly Educated.” Its primary objective was the sale of smoking-related goods and accessories including hookahs, stash jars, and incense.


He expanded his company in his free time while still in high school and the first semester of college. Pranav decided to drop out of college after a semester and devote all of his attention to expanding his firm. Highly Educated was successfully expanded by him into a million-dollar business. He decided to sell the company after a few years of expansion in order to follow his other interests.


He now serves as chairman and a member of the board of directors for a number of well-known global businesses, including The Just Funky Foundation and JMTD Holdings, both of which provide assistance to young students.