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Pranav Arora


Being Successful At Key Positions in Life

Pranav Arora

Pranav Arora is an investor, venture capitalist, speaker, philanthropist, and the Chairman of JMTD Holdings. He is involved in a wide number of different businesses and industries, including wealth management, real-estate and consumer goods. [1]



Early Life

Arora was born in Wooster, Ohio to Raj Arora (father), and Shivani Arora (mother). He grew up watching his parents run their own business and was very inspired by their passion and determination. In middle school, Pranav began his first “business” by buying packs of gum and pencils then sold them to his classmates in between the classes. That was his first real taste of being an entrepreneur. When he was sixteen years old, he started his first proper business. It was called Highly Educated. It was focused on selling smoke products and accessories like hookahs, stash jars, and incense.


Through the remainder of high school and into the first half of college he grew his business in his spare time. After half a semester at college, Pranav made the decision to drop out and focus fully on growing his business. He was able to successfully grow Highly Educated to be a million-dollar company. It was after a few years of growing the business that he made the decision to sell and pursue other passions.


Pranav started his first million-dollar business at the age of 16. He’s the Head of Division at Just Funky where he is also responsible for overseeing B2B and B2C sales and marketing. He is chairman and on the board of directors for several well-known multinational corporations, including JMTD Holdings (a financial consulting firm) and The Just Funky Foundation, which is a charity organization that offers support to young students. He also serves as the President of Kingsley Products, which helps produce reusable non-medical cotton face masks.


Pranav is an active philanthropist. He recently made a generous donation of $20,000 to his High School, Wooster High School, through his non-profit foundation “Just Funky Foundation”.