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Being Successful At Key Positions in Life

Being Successful At Key Positions in Life

A lot of businesses get established each year with high hope and great visions. However, it is not as simple to establish a thriving business or to take it away from a point and help it in succeeding. This is the reason why a lot of people give up their entrepreneurial ventures after having hit a brick wall. This is where people like Pranav Arora distinguish themselves in the market.

Born in 1995, the In Indian-American has always been a bright star throughout his life. In school, he was a prominent figure in extracurricular activities. Pranav was mainly interested in two different activities, namely investing and entrepreneurship. Pranav severed as the President of his school’s entrepreneur class project where he helped the school start a t-shirt business, with all profits going to charity. Pranav’s career further complements his academic and extracurricular brilliance. Being a son of two entrepreneurs themselves also helped Pranav grab a few business management skills at home. In addition to becoming a renowned entrepreneur, the Indian-American also went on to make a great name as an investor, philanthropist and a venture capitalist.

During his senior year in high school, Pranav started his first business “Highly Educated” where he made a name for himself and had many of his first successes. A short while after, Pranav decided to join his family’s business, ‘Just Funky’ where he focused on helping of the rapid growth and applying his innate skills to help improve the overall operations of the company. He worked here under the capacity of Head of Division where he had the freedom of decision making, something that honed his abilities as a professional in the industry. Some of the clients he served here including Justin Bieber and Mac Miller. Dealing with such clientele reflects the quality of work Pranav delivered.

Once Pranav had acquired the relevant experience, he joined JMTD Holdings, a private equity firm as a Partner. He also served at the same post for ILG Property Investors. Pranav also held the position of Chief Executive Officer for other companies like PSSR Holdings and the Stunned Mind. At each of these ventures, Pranav Arora made an excellent name for himself by making operations seamless and assisting the companies in thriving in the long term.

In addition to being a great entrepreneurial mind, Pranav also had a keen interest in giving back to society. In fact, he even partnered with his brother to established The Funky Foundation where he serves as a board member. Another particular example of his charity work is found in his service at the Arora Foundation as a Board Chairman

There is no doubt in the fact that Pranav Arora dedicated his entire life to helping businesses thrive. He was always the visionary who was meant to do great things in his career and coming from a background of entrepreneurs further strengthened him to take on challenges in life. When asked in an interview, he said that perseverance is critical in building any business. One has to remain calm and continue to keep trying until his or her desired results are achieved. That, in the eyes of Pranav Arora, is the key to developing a successful career holding leading positions in growing firms. Today, he is overseeing the development and e-commerce operations at the Stunned Mind, and focusing on new acquisitions of e-commerce businesses for his private equity portfolio company, JMTD Holdings.